Town Spotlight – Saco, Maine

There are so many reasons to love Saco! Saco is a beautiful suburb just 20 minutes south of Portland and has been becoming more and more desirable every year! It’s considered to be a city that has about 20,000 people (according to the 2010 census). It offers great schools, beautiful beaches, and tasty eateries and breweries. If you are looking for a close knit city that has much to offer, Saco may be the perfect place for you to move to!


Back during the industrial age, Saco was a Maine leader of textile manufacturing and the center of lumbering along with its neighboring sister city, Biddeford. The first corporation in Saco was a nail factory that was established in 1811. Following that, the cotton mills took off in this region of Maine.

During the second half of the 19th century, Biddeford and Saco welcomed thousands of Europeans and Quebecois to the area, which added to the thriving diversity of the cities. The city thrived because of the mills until the 1950s. In 1958, the York Mills closed and brought economic hardship to the area. Over the past 20 years, Saco and Biddeford have been revitalized by using the beauty of the mills and repurposing them into housing, office spaces, and restaurants and bars.


Along with a rich history, Saco also offers top schools in the area including Thornton Academy, which was named Best Private School in Maine in 2020. The public schools are also very competitive and have a 12:1 student teacher ratio. To learn more about the schools, click here.

Top Restaurants and Bars


Pacifico is a Latin American restaurant located in one of Saco’s historical mill buildings. They describe themselves as a ‘casual fine-dining environment and pull inspiration from both Central and South America.

The owners, Carlos and Alejandra, hope to expand the community’s experience with Latin fare, as well as, provide delicious food and beverages.

The Run of the Mill 

The Run of the Mill is a brew pub that has good eats and beer plus a wonderful outdoor patio and view of the Saco River.

Lox Smith Bagel Co

Lox Smith Bagel Co is a great place for breakfast or your midday snack. They have handcrafted bagels of all different flavors, as well as, fresh coffee and tea.

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