A little about me

Francesca has a passion for real estate, design, and Maine living. She was born and raised in Portland’s West End, attended Maine schools including Portland High School, and obtained her bachelor's degree in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Southern Maine. 

As an active member of the Greater Portland community, she is thrilled to be turning that community focus toward real estate. With a background in the legal field, Francesca is an excellent negotiator and fierce advocate for her clients. She has a champion work ethic and eye for detail which coupled with her innate understanding of people, enable her to aid her clients to achieve their real estate goals. 

Francesca believes in taking a comprehensive approach to serve others and is ready to help you with your residential buying and selling needs. She is creative and can think outside the box which proves essential in today’s market. She strives to be the ultimate resource for her clients through every step of the transaction. These qualities together with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, reinforce her determination to find an outcome that exceeds the client’s expectations.

One of the aspects she loves most about living in Southern Maine is the food scene. As a self proclaimed foodie she is happy to talk restaurants, food and drink with you!

Coffee Spots- Yordprom Coffee Shop & Arabica Coffee House

Restaurants- ViA VECCHiA, Eventide Oyster Co., & JP’s Bistro

Food Truck- HighRoller Lobster Co.

Hiking Spot, Outdoor Activity or Park- Kettle Cove Beach

Music/Theater Spot- Thompson’s Point Concerts

Brewery- Rising Tide

Festival/Yearly Event- The Fryeburg Fair