A little about me

and why I love real estate

I am a Southern Maine-based Real Estate Agent. I have a degree in interior design, am experienced in home flipping, and own an investment property. I am a Maine native and love everything about the state. I have relocated several times and lived in Texas, Italy, Maryland, North Carolina, and now back to Maine. The moves gave me experience with the complexity of the moving process, and I know how valuable a real estate agent can be. I enjoy using the knowledge I have learned over the years to advise people on buying, selling, or finding an investment property.


Coffee Place - Roots

Restaurant - Royal River and Dockside

Food Truck - Fire and Company

Hiking Spot, Outdoor Activity or Park - Pleasant Mountain and Skiing

Music/Theater Spot - Thompson Point and the State Theater

Brewery - Sebago Brewing Company

Festival/Yearly Event - The Botanical Gardens Christmas Lights